Eco-friendly Large Format Printing

We are one of a few companies in the Czech Republic and the only one in the Zlín Region that has been focused on first-class ecological prints. In this way, together with our clients, we have been adding other significant value to our work – care for the environment.

For ecological printing we use special water-based latex paints, which contain neither volatile solvents nor any other hazardous air pollutants. During the cure of these inks, ozone is not produced as when printing with UV inks. Moreover, the paints have a beautifully deep colour and they show considerable longevity.

Ecological prints meet the standards of the Nordic Swan and of the certificate of the Greenguard Enviromental Institute. Combining organic paints with suitable media – polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene and textile – creates a completely recyclable and environmentally friendly system. The presentation of your company at the trade fair can be entirely ecological.

Use: posters, stickers including trimming the shape, canvas printings, photos, photo wallpapers.

If you feel the same social responsibility, if you care about health and would like to protect actively the environment, take advantage of our services and join us. Ezop ecological printing – our prints smell good.


For realization of our ecological printing we use printers HP Designjet L2550, Epson

The main benefits of ecological latex printing are:

  • odorless – our prints smell good
  • water resistance
  • better adhesion to materials
  • flexibility of colour, resistance to cracking
  • resistance to abrasion
  • colour saturation, large colour range
  • fading resistance, colour fastness 3 years outdoors, with lamination up to 5 years, 5 years indoors and with lamination up to 10 years
  • quick drying
  • no need to use UV curing
  • photo-quality printing both for interior and exterior applications
  • non-flammability, nonirritability
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