Lenticular Printing

MagicImage is our registered trademark in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Under this brand we present 3D lenticular pictures. Our 3D projects won awards in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Lenticular image is created by applying a lenticular lens on a specially prepared image and is based on human stereoscopic vision. The observation of such images doesn’t require electric power. In the case of large formats it is enough to simply change the angle of view by walking around the image, for small formats it works with just a flick of the head or of the image itself.

Recent studies show that while the eye of a potential customer rests on average about 0.5 – 2 s on usual banner, the observer is able to entertain more than half a minute with an image processed by lenticular technology.


 With lenticular technology we create dynamic images, which are divided into several categories according to the applied effect:

  • 3D – impression of depth
  • Movement – moving object on a background or animation
  • Flip-flop – flipping from one image to another
  • Zoom – zoom in and zoom out objects

We Use Lenticular Printing Technology for:

Original Promotional Items

Rulers, postcards, calendars, cards, business cards, coasters, New Year cards, pocket mirrors, stickers, magnets, notepads with magnets, bookmarks, deposits, covers of company catalogues, sliding rails, wobblers, planning calendars, stands etc.

Large Format Applications

Advertising images, advertising stands, image pictures in shops or for campaigns, light boxes, bus stops etc.

We cooperate with large multinational companies and advertising agencies with nationwide operation.

This excellently chosen combination of graphics and original effect addresses almost 90% of the population. Ruler, pocket calendar, notepad or sticker with lenticular technology are perfectly suited for campaigns, direct mail or as a gift (eg. when signing a contract, competitions, surveys…)


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