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Wallpapers with an Adhesive

Are you longing for a new face of your interior quickly, cleanly and environmentally friendly? Photo wallpapers with your own design are a current trend. It is a common option not only for designers, but also for anyone who wants to make a creative interior according to their own ideas.

We offer high quality latex printing using odour free paints harmless to human health. Ecological paints have a minimum impact on the environment, do not contain volatile solvents or other hazardous air pollutants.

Attestation of non-combustible Class A and high durability are a commonplace.

Photo wallpapers are suitable for schools, kindergardens, hospitals, wellness centers, hotels, offices and other public premises, and also children´s rooms and bedrooms etc.

Photo wallpapers Greeguard Children&Schools meet the highest standards specific for the environment where kids play or study.

Application: Working with photo wallpapers is clean and very easy. The wallpapers contain a dry adhesive on the back part. The adhesive is easily activated by pure water. If you don´t dare to apply it yourselves, of course we can provide a professional bonding.

Application may be made to any standard wall that has at least minimum absorbent properties and is smooth. The surface is adjusted by a standard way for wallpapering. Due to the unique latex printing, which is extremely flexible, application may not be particularly delicate. The glue is water soluble, so you don’t need to worry about your clothes. Dosage of correct layer of the glue will be made by the wallpaper itself and the only tool you need is a rag or sponge. If you decide for another change, the manufacturer guarantees that it is sufficient to remove the  wallpaper only by water within a period of six months. Removal will happen easily in one piece and of course without damaging the wall.

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