Multipurpose Pads

Are you looking for a smart and clear presentation of your business and at the same time for an original promotional item? Three-layer promotional mouse pad is always catching your eyes and may be an ideal solution.

You can tell the story of your company, introduce products and services or use it as a well arranged calendar. High-quality materials and unique technology form the basis of this original product.


The top layer – PVC foil with a thickness of 0.3 mm – surface that provides high resistance to abrasion and allows comfortable mousing. It protects against moisture.

The bottom layer – gray PVC foam 1.5 mm thick ensures excellent grip.

The inner part – according to amount – inserted cardboard or direct printing on foil by high quality full-color offset printing.

Firm connection of PVC foam with graphics – 1 mm white border around the pad when a card of paper is inserted, printing to the edge when printed directly on the foil.

Basic dimensions – 580 x 380 mm, 440 x 320 mm, 180 x 220 mm.

Possibility of individual sizes up to A2.

Pads with a Calendar

Pad with hinged foil and a calendar of 12 to 14 sheets for each month separately. The calendar can be provided with your own graphics or a universal theme. The individual sheets can be used as a notebook and after the change of the month removed. Basic size is 230 x 200 mm.

Pads With a Company Profile

Pad with hinged foil and a company profile on 12 to 14 sheets. Each sheet can introduce different service or product. This will allow customers and partners to have a comprehensive idea about your business, benefits of each product and service. Basic size is 230 x 200 mm.

Pads with a Notebook

Pad with hinged foil and inner part including 12 to 14 sheets, which serves also as a notebook. Basic size is 230 x 200 mm.

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